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The Art of "REAL" Lashes...

I love the fake lashes look but hate the idea of wearing long "spider" legs on my eyes. How can I fake the full/longer lashes look with the ones I have?

I have to admit… As much as I LOVE long lashes and am a firm believer that “everyone” could use some extra lashes, some people can go too far with them. If they aren’t done right, they can look extremely fake a.k.a. “spidery”. Before I answer your question of going O’ Natural with your lashes, I thought I might give some advice for those people that do in fact use fake lashes.

My first bit of advice when choosing your lashes is spend the extra money on ones that are made with higher quality material. Mink is by far the best, but there are many other lashes such as the Ardeles that are a pretty good quality for a decent price. Remember, you can reuse them (if they are a strip). When picking the type of lash you have two options: Strip or Individual. I prefer using individuals, because you can build them and be more creative but if you are doing them on yourself, strips maybe easier. If you want a more natural look, use lashes that are either the same length or just a bit longer then what you already have. There are also many thicknesses to choose from with the strips. The ones that are finely spaced and on a strip that looks more like a fishing wire are the least noticeable.

If you are still anti fake lashes and want to go with your own, mascara and eyeliner are going to be must haves. I would suggest using less eye shadow (stick with natural tones), allowing the focus to be on your lashes and not your eye as a whole. I understand how the category of mascara can be completely overwhelming. There are soooo many choices; volume, length, tubing, expensive brands, ect. The first thing to decide is what do you feel your lashes are lacking? Then, do you have an ongoing issue with the mascara you are already using? i.e. Mascara always runs giving you raccoon eyes. In those cases, you may want to branch out and try a tubing mascara, if not then go with the fiber. Lastly, when it comes to price, I have to say having used all price points from Dior Show to L’Oreal… go with L’Oreal. They hands down have the best and a million to choose from. Now for the eyeliner, which can be just as obnoxious a category if not more. Between pencil, liquid, cream, winged, smudged, tight, there is no wonder why people give up. I can’t say I have an exact answer of how to pick which medium of eyeliner you use, as its artists choice and whatever you’re most comfortable with, but what I can suggest for the purpose of giving the optical illusion of thicker lashes is… A crisp, clean, tight line on top/in the base of your lash (wing optional) and most importantly lining the water line just inside the lid. This trick makes an amazing difference when it comes to the volume of your lashes.

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