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4 Steps to Glowing, Fresh Skin

Getting married in six months! What should I be doing for glowing, fresh skin day of?

One of the most common questions I get as a makeup artist is, “How do I achieve healthy glowing skin?”. The answer is pretty simple… Just follow these 4 easy, yet often neglected steps...

- EXFOLIATE: Exfoliation helps to rid the face of the dead skin cells that are contributing to uneven, dull skin.

- MOISTURIZE: Day and night! Especially if you have oily skin. When your skin is lacking moisture it activates the sebaceous glands causing more oil to be produced. Hydration keeps the skin smooth and healthy.

- WATER: Drink your water!!! Not only does it hydrate your skin from the inside out, it also helps prevent dark circles and broken capillaries around the nose (which make you look older), since it increases blood circulation.

- SLEEP: Getting your “Beauty Rest”, allows your body to produce new and repair old skin cells. After all, healthy skin is radiant skin!

As a bride this is something I would start on ASAP! Although this is something that happens at night it doesn’t happen overnight. The longer you nourish and nurture your skin the better it will be.

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