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Let your Freckles Shine

I have freckles but also trouble skin, how can I even my skin tone without loosing my freckles?

I love freckles! This is something that is a common problem that happens to a lot of women when applying makeup. The degree of difficulty depends on the condition of your skin. Whether you need full coverage or just evening out skin tone.

First, start out with a tint moisturizer (BB or CC cream) or a sheer foundation on moisturized skin. Then, take either a med-full coverage foundation or a concealer just on your individual problem areas. i.e. under the eyes, around the nose, and your dark/acne spots. The trick is to start light and layer as needed.

One amazing tool to use when applying your tinted moisturizer/foundation is a Beauty Blender Sponge. It is to be used wet and will allow you to control your coverage. The result is a nice light airbrushed finish.

*Image taken from Google Images

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