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Having healthy, shiny, beautiful hair starts at the beginning of your daily regimen… cleansing and conditioning. Sometimes we get wrapped up in the hype of the latest and greatest “hair miracle”, that we forget to bring it back to the basics. Here are some basics worth remembering.

  • For hair that is oily at the root and dry on the ends, be sure to shampoo the roots and condition the ends starting at mid-.shaft to ends.

  • It’s best to detangle hair while conditioning. Use a wide-tooth comb or fingers to keep from roughing up and damaging the cuticle.

  • For extremely dry or curly hair try shampooing only with conditioner. Use the friction from your fingers to help remove debris from the scalp.

  • To help minimize breakage, make sure hair is fully saturated with water before shampooing.

  • As with every regimen concerning the body, hair can become non-responsive to any treatment that has been used over a lengthy period of time. It is always good to switch formulations every couple of months.

  • When rinsing hair use the coldest water you can tolerate. Cold water locks down the cuticle resulting in shiner hair.

  • When conditioning, be sure to release as much water as possible before applying. This will allow the moisture to fully penetrate and be absorbed more adequately.

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