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Fake and/or Bake?

My bridesmaids all tan really well but I'm fair skinned and burn. With my wedding happening this summer, what's a good approach to fake tanning so I'm not so pale!

Oh the art of the “fake bake”… There are a couple tanning options open to you depending on your natural skin tone.

If you are lighter in skin color but will eventually tan, I would suggest taking it slow and starting a couple months before your wedding. Begin with 1-2 days a week and gradually add more days as the weeks go by. This will help keep a more golden tone and prevent you from having any unwanted “accidents” for your wedding day. A few tips to remember are: Pick a bed/stand up that has a higher amount of UVA rays aka “browning” rays. This will keep you from burning and peeling. If you prefer a bed, make sure to switch to a stand up every once in a while. Beds can cause lighter areas on your back where your skin weighs down on top the plastic, plus the stand ups allow for you to put your arms up to ensure tan armpits. Finally… Don’t forget the lotion! Using a professional tanning lotion in the bed will even out skin texture and allow the rays to penetrate into your skin, therefore bringing the melanin to the surface, If you find you still need a little help getting more color, I would suggest getting a spray tan on top of your natural tan to bump up the affect. *See below for tips on spray/self-tanners.

Now as for you brides that are fair skin and don’t tan at all, I would suggest a spray tan and or self-tanner. I know this thought can be scary… No one wants to be “orange”. Luckily tanners have come a long way. Again, this is something I would definitely try out in advance before your wedding/wedding events. Unfortunately, even though things have gotten much more advanced, “Accidents” happen. When it comes to picking a spray tan, I would spend the extra money and get a custom tan. Most salons now offer this where a technician will mixed the right color based on your skin tone and underlying pigments. If you’re going to go the self-tanner route, there are a few that I find give a golden tone on almost all skin tones. My absolute favorite is: St Tropez. It is a mousse that is applied with a special mitten. It’s easy to apply and won’t streak. You can usually find it at Sephora or an Ulta Store. Another great one to try is the Airbrush self-tanner, Sublime Bronze from L’Oreal Paris. This is applied with a light misting spray nozzle which allows you to layer and build your tan. This can be found in most drug store that carry L’Oreal Paris Skin Care. *Note: Always exfoliate your skin before applying self-tanner or when getting a spray tan. This will ensure a nice even application and a longer lasting effect.

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